Create: Crochet & Teal

It seems like my color obsession is completely in line with Michelle’s. Teal has recently taken over my life but in a slight different form. Crochet. I pretend to know how to knit but a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of crochet and I am hooked. (yep, I said it!)

I struggled through trying to read a pattern to make gloves but as a beginner, that was an epic failure. And I’m okay with that. I love beanies to I was able to follow a wonderful tutorial by You-tuber Tracey Nguyen and created this super cute pyramid hat.



I had plenty of yarn left over and knew I had to make something else. The yarn is very soft so I realized I could use it to protect my favorite gadget. My Kindle Fire!


This was a simple pattern that I created myself and it works wonderfully. My Kindle is safe from scratches because the fabric is uber soft and it looks so stylish in this clutch-like case.


I’ve still got some of this yarn left and no idea what to do with it. Any suggestions an advanced crocheter can signatureoffer a newby?



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