Create: Bringing the Pet Rock Back


Only not really because my rock when painted looked like…well, a rock.


I found this rock in my backyard and I loved the shape of it. I immediately thought that this would be a great little accent piece for my bookshelf. So I checked it thoroughly for bugs because I hate little critters and didn’t want to bring anything indoors.

I chose to paint it gold because I really wanted to add some glamour to my living room (or wherever the rock ended up), but the gold I picked fell kind of flat. It wasn’t that high sheen, glitzy gold I’d imagined. Instead it was a slightly shinier brown. Blah.

So in an desperate attempt to save my rock, I decided I had nothing to lose and pulled out that trusty turquoise. And lo and behold:

We have an aquarium rock. But honestly…I kind of love it.


So it didn’t turn out the way I saw it in my head but I’m pleasantly surprised that this backyard rock adds a small pop of color and interest atop a pile of black books.



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