Reduction Chronicles: So I went to the doctor


I’ve had my consultation appointment for a breast reduction. It was interesting to say the least. First, the nurse asked why I wanted a reduction. My answers as follows:

  • My body hurts all the time. Literally. My neck, shoulders and back.
  • I feel like my body is disproportionate
  • I would love to buy a bra that cost as more than a pair of stilettos
  • Having a matching bra & panty set would be lovely as well
  • People need to recognize me as more than the girl with the big boobs
  • I can’t do Pilates anymore
  • Running has never been an option
  • Buying clothes is a pain in the ass. Dressy in most trendy clothing is impossible.
  • Anything remotely low cut makes me look slutty.

The nurse stopped me at this point but I could have added way more to that list. Next, I watched a long video explaining the process. And finally, I meet the surgeon. She is a tiny woman with a big smile so I immediately felt at ease. We talked for a bit and then it was time for her to take a look at what I’m working with.

The first thing she said was considering they size of my breasts, they still are a lot heavier than other people my size. She then used her hands to sort of weigh me in an effort to compare which one was heavier than the other. To say it was awkward to have a woman you meet five minutes ago lifting your boobs up and down is an understatement. Especially her curious face and comments of “Hmmm…yeah….I think the right one is little bit lighter.” *Lifts right boob and then left and then right again* “Yes, the left is definitely heavier.”

And just to make it even more uncomfortable, we got to take pictures to send to my insurance company. I’m pretty sure these were boob mug shots though. It went like this:

“Alright, Katrina, stand against the white wall and face forward with your shoulders back. Good. *snaps pic* Now, Turn to the right. Good. *snaps pic* Turn to the left. Take a step forward please. Good. *snaps pic* Turn to the right and face the corner. I need to get a profile shot as well. Good. *snaps pic* Turn to the left and face the corner. Good. *snaps pic* You may put your clothes back on.”

All in all though, it was an informative experience. Despite how uncomfortable it was, the staff and doctor did make me feel as comfy as they could. They were all very nice, talkative and made me laugh. Now I get to anxiously wait for a few weeks to find out if my insurance company will cover it.

What was your most awkward experience at a doctor’s office?



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