Watch: The Coalition

The Coalition (2013) Poster

I’ve been on the whole making dreams happen kick lately and realizing that it’s time to get it. I’ve been a reader of a blog for while and this woman is truly living her dream.

She’s a writer and a director. And she made a movie. Like she went out and made it happen. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.

So I moseyed my way to Netflix and watched her movie, The Coalition and let me tell you, I felt proud. Proud because I suddenly realized that making stuff happen is real. And I just had an overwhelming need to say thanks for the inspiration.   It was right on time.

And the movie, y’all, was really really good. It was a fresh concept and it had so many twists and turns I didn’t know what to expect.

So if you’re searching for something good to watch, check it out. You’ll be pleased.



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