Reduction Chronicles: Surgery Day

The past couple of weeks has flown by and my life has really changed. My surgery date was May 10th but the changes started a couple of days prior. My anxiety level was through the roof! I needed to stay busy to keep myself calm but the people in my life seemed to have other plans. Not to mention, some of them wanted me to counsel them on personal issues even when I told them I just didn’t have it in me to listen or solve their problems (more of life-sucking friends later). I ended up extremely irritable and frustrated right before surgery.

Despite that, I was surprisingly calm and excited the day of surgery.


I was a little nervous by my wonderful parents were with me and helped to keep me level. The nurses were amazing even though they made me take down the bun I had worked so hard to get to the top of my head. Apparently no rubber is allowed in the operating room. *shrug*


There was one complication during surgery. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to something in anesthesia. I was almost completely under when I suddenly woke back up, burning and itching from head to toe! The operating room went into a slight uproar as they attempted to calm me down while getting something to put into my IV to stop the reaction. They did and put me back under. Next thing I know, I was waking up, in excruciating pain and asking for my dad.


To be totally honest, the pain I felt when I woke up brought tears to my eyes. It was really bad. It mainly burned and felt like my chest was on fire. A few hours later, I was sent home and my dad helped get me into bed.


I don’t want this to be too long so there will be another post where I discuss my reactions and things I’ve been doing to help with recovery.



Loving Lately: Call the Midwife


After watching all 3 seasons of Downton Abbey in an embarrassingly short amount of time, there was a British drama sized hole left in my heart.


Luckily, I stumbled upon the first season of Call the Midwife on Netflix and all was right with the world again. I love that there is such substance to this show, unlike the reality shows that are contributing to the decline of American TV. Don’t get me wrong, I have several guilty pleasures that I never miss (Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Braxton Family Values, Love and Hip Hop…I know, I know).

Call the Midwife

The show is  based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth and is set London in the late 1950s. It follows the journey of several  midwives and the women of the community. It’s gritty, raw, funny and heart warming all at once. I love the growth of the characters as they experience life’s cruelty and joys for the first time. has full episodes for season 2. It’s worth it.

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Mother’s Day Gift Round Up

The past few Mother’s Days for me have been wonderful. Breakfast in bed, gifts, hugs, the whole nine. As my girls get older and understand what Mother’s Day is really all about, I love it even more. Having children of my own brings a whole new appreciation for my own mother.

That said, I’m a horrible procrastinator when it comes to holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion that a gift is required. I usually run out to Target the day of said event and usually luck out with something pretty awesome. Their gift bags and wrapping paper selection is AHHHMAZING!

Here are a few gifts I rounded up from for all different kinds of moms.

For the techno savvy mom:

samsung galaxy

{Samsung Galaxy}


For the gourmet chef mom:

kitchen aid

{KitchenAid Artisan 5 qt. Stand Mixer}

For the Glam mom:

sparkle platform

{De Blossom Madelyn Sparkle Platform}

For moms who like the sparkle:

stretch bracelet

{Mint Stretch Bracelet}

I personally would love any one of these gifts {hint, hint}.

What are you eyeing for Mother’s Day?

Reduction Chronicles: Pre-op Jitters


Surgery is in a matter of hours. I’m nervous. I’m anxious. I’m having crazy dreams of falling post-op and busting my stitches open. Last week, I would fall asleep at 3am and be awake by 7am. This week, is better…I’m asleep around 2am. I think my nerves are high due to my overactive imagination and the fact that I’ve never so much as sprained an ankle. This may not be considered a major surgery but it’s major and life altering for me.

Despite all of the nerves, I’m excited for this new adventure. I’m excited to be able to tie my shoes without trying to manuever around my breasts. And once I’ve fully recovered, I will love not being in pain all the time. Not to mention this has got to be the best excuse in the world to go on a shopping binge!

Oh, I had my pre-op appointment and was told that at least 6 pounds was being removed from my chest! Even with that, I may still be a D cup but the doctor is hoping for a full C. I knew breasts were heavy but hearing the doctor say it just made it seem so much more real.

My next update will be post op and I will try to include some pics from surgery day with my pseudo-brave pre-op face and whatever face I’m making post-op.

Mommy Talk: Date Your Kids

mommytalk date your kids

I sat across the table from Micah. I watched as a big smile lit up her face.

“Thanks for taking me to lunch, Mommy. This is the best day ever,” she said, her crooked smile getting wider and wider.

It melted my heart.

I focus so much on the day to day that I let those special times with my daughters get lost in the jumble of laundry, making dinner and homework. It becomes the last thing on the list, the optional thing that can be crossed off if need be.

But as I sat across from my daughter, eating pancakes doused in strawberry syrup, I realized that I had it all wrong.

How can she trust me if everything else is more important than her?

What I’ve discovered is that parenting is intentional. I became a mother seven years ago and quickly discovered that there are no instructions on how to raise a well rounded, respectful daughter. But the one thing that I’ve learned in seven years that trumps any other “tip” is that being intentional will save your child.

Part of being intentional is going on dates with your kids. They need to feel special, loved, listened to, cherished. Just like I do as a wife.

Lunch with my daughter this weekend proved one thing to me. She needs the attention and I should put aside my “busy work” and lavish it on her.

These days will fly by and before I know it, my seven year old will be seventeen and won’t want to spend any time with me. Unless I make an intentional investment of my time now.

I can’t see into the future, but I know that the time I invest in my girls now, will give me great returns down the line.

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Loving Lately: Charm Bracelets

Loving: charm bracelets

These are oldie but goodie items. They never really go out of style but have random bursts of huge popularity. I never owned one until I came across this one while Christmas shopping for my sisters.


It’s a leather wrap with charms braided into it. I wish it would wrap more than 3 times around my wrist so it could be a bit more snug but I like it.

My mom recently went on a cruise and came back with a few bracelets as gifts. I really like this one she gave me made of silver jewels and turquoise blue seashells. It’s a great everyday piece although the shells can dig into my wrist.


This last one  is my favorite! I haven’t worn it yet because I haven’t been asked on a date it’s a bit dressy. I may start wearing it anyway just to add a little flair to my everyday life.


Have you been loving charm bracelets lately?


Eat: Chicken and Dumplings

Now, this is one of those comfort food recipes that must, must, MUST be in your recipe book. It’s bordered on the chillier side here for the past few days and I got a request for chicken and dumplings. It’s something that I make so rarely, that it’s super special when I do make it.

Don’t worry. It’s super simple.

Here’s the deets:

chicken and dumpling ingredients


1 large rotisserie chicken, chopped

2 celery stalks, chopped

1 cup chopped carrots

1 medium onion, diced

1 (14 1/2 ounce) can chicken broth

2 bullion cubes

salt and pepper to taste


2 cups of flour

2 cup chicken broth

2 tsp baking powder

2 eggs, beaten


chicken and dumpling veggies

chicken and dumplings sautee

  • Saute celery, carrots and onion in butter until soft. Butter makes it better.

chicken and dumplings chicken

chicken and dumplings

  • Add chopped rotisserie chicken, broth, bullion cubes, salt, pepper and enough water to cover all ingredients
  • Bring to a boil, reduce heat, let simmer while preparing dumplings

chicken and dumplings2

  • In a mixing bowl, combine dumpling ingredients and mix well to form a stiff batter. Drop by tablespoonfuls into simmering soup.
  • Cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes.



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Create: Birthday Party Invitations


Being a mom is hard. Being a single mom brings on an entirely new set of problems. Take for instance my close friend M. She was dealing with the task earlier this year of throwing her gorgeous son’s first birthday party. We all know the first birthday is more for the mom than the baby but she was stressed on how to make this big with a small budget.

M chose a classic theme: Mickey Mouse. This allowed for her to be able to find most items at a cheaper price: cups, napkins, party hats, plates, etc.

It also allowed her to be really creative. M asked me to help with invitation and I was thrilled when she explained her idea to me. We would be making the signature Mickey Mouse ears and trousers with a little twist.

Items you will need:
Glue (crazy glue and stick glue)
White buttons
Red, black and yellow construction paper (thicker construction paper is best for this project)
Computer and printer
Mickey Mouse head template (download here)

Here’s how you do it:

Step one: Party Details
Create a Word document with the party details. Choose a cute font. Copy and paste the details 3-4 times on the page to save paper. Print as many as you need and cut the sections apart.

Step Two: Measure Yellow construction paper
Place the cut up party detail at the top of the yellow paper. Cut out a shape around the detail leaving 3/4 inch of yellow border. Glue the details to the yellow paper.

Step Three: Mickey Mouse Head
Use the template to cut out Mickey Mouse heads

Step Four: Trousers
Cut the red construction paper into half circles. It should be a little over 1/2 the round part of Mickey Mouse’s head.

Step Five: Final Glue
Glue the rounded part of the red half circle to the bottom of the Mickey Mouse head. Be sure not to glue the entire half circle, there needs to be an opening at the top. Glue 2 white buttons onto the trousers.

Step Six: Putting it all together

Allow party details and Mickey Mouse to dry. Insert party details into opening.



Cardigan Love

In my head, I dress like a rockstar/skater because I’m not yet 30 and I think I’m cool. In real life, I LOVE cardigans! Yep, I really really do. My new fav comes courtesy of H&M (they were having a pretty good sale a few weeks ago).


This color is extremely bright and I fell in love at first sight. I used to never wear bright colors. It was actually hard to get me out of anything that wasn’t black or brown. Somehow that changed and this bright coral cardi is my new love.

What makes it even cooler is this tag:


Yes, it looks like an ordinary tag but it has a neat little secret….


The extra button is sewn securely into place right there on the inside of the tag! Aack! I love it! If i lose a button, I will know exactly where the replacement is. No more digging through the pile of extras that I keep in the top on my jewelry box. There is also no little plastic baggy contributing to the decay of out lovely planet. The way I see it, I’m helping to save the world by purchasing cute cardigans! Helps me feel better about my incessant need to purchase cardigans.


Breast Reduction Chronicles: Overwhelmed


In 2 weeks, I will be having surgery. The realization of this hit me hard when the hospital called to schedule me. That also made me realize I hadn’t even started shopping for the things I’ll need post-op. I went online to get what I knew was a quick list of items. I was so wrong.

Post-op Surgery List

  • Vitamin c (reduce scaring)
  • Bacitracin (neosporin)
  • Bromelian (pineapple extract to reduce swelling/scaring)
  • OTC sleep aid (for trying to sleep with pain due to being elevated)
  • Stool softener (too many meds = constipation)
  • Silicone Sheet
  • Gauze
  • Hibiclens/Antibacterial soap (to wash body with before surgery)
  • Heating pads
  • Ice packs
  • Thermometer (1st way to detect infection)
  • Yogurt
  • Jell-o/pudding
  • Low sodium soup
  • Crackers
  • salmon
  • Veggies
  • Fruit
  • Wedge pillow (can’t lie down)
  • Button down gowns/shirts (can’t lift arms)
  • Bucket (for nausea)

This really isn’t even a complete list. I didn’t even cover entertainment for bedrest or the long list of recommended vitamins to help expedite recovery. Not to mention the list of things I need to do like clean house, do laundry, get my hair done, pay bills early so I don’t have to think about them later….the list feels never ending.

I truly just need to focus on relaxing and checking things off the list one by one.