Cardigan Love

In my head, I dress like a rockstar/skater because I’m not yet 30 and I think I’m cool. In real life, I LOVE cardigans! Yep, I really really do. My new fav comes courtesy of H&M (they were having a pretty good sale a few weeks ago).


This color is extremely bright and I fell in love at first sight. I used to never wear bright colors. It was actually hard to get me out of anything that wasn’t black or brown. Somehow that changed and this bright coral cardi is my new love.

What makes it even cooler is this tag:


Yes, it looks like an ordinary tag but it has a neat little secret….


The extra button is sewn securely into place right there on the inside of the tag! Aack! I love it! If i lose a button, I will know exactly where the replacement is. No more digging through the pile of extras that I keep in the top on my jewelry box. There is also no little plastic baggy contributing to the decay of out lovely planet. The way I see it, I’m helping to save the world by purchasing cute cardigans! Helps me feel better about my incessant need to purchase cardigans.



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