Mother’s Day Gift Round Up

The past few Mother’s Days for me have been wonderful. Breakfast in bed, gifts, hugs, the whole nine. As my girls get older and understand what Mother’s Day is really all about, I love it even more. Having children of my own brings a whole new appreciation for my own mother.

That said, I’m a horrible procrastinator when it comes to holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion that a gift is required. I usually run out to Target the day of said event and usually luck out with something pretty awesome. Their gift bags and wrapping paper selection is AHHHMAZING!

Here are a few gifts I rounded up from for all different kinds of moms.

For the techno savvy mom:

samsung galaxy

{Samsung Galaxy}


For the gourmet chef mom:

kitchen aid

{KitchenAid Artisan 5 qt. Stand Mixer}

For the Glam mom:

sparkle platform

{De Blossom Madelyn Sparkle Platform}

For moms who like the sparkle:

stretch bracelet

{Mint Stretch Bracelet}

I personally would love any one of these gifts {hint, hint}.

What are you eyeing for Mother’s Day?


Loving Lately: Charm Bracelets

Loving: charm bracelets

These are oldie but goodie items. They never really go out of style but have random bursts of huge popularity. I never owned one until I came across this one while Christmas shopping for my sisters.


It’s a leather wrap with charms braided into it. I wish it would wrap more than 3 times around my wrist so it could be a bit more snug but I like it.

My mom recently went on a cruise and came back with a few bracelets as gifts. I really like this one she gave me made of silver jewels and turquoise blue seashells. It’s a great everyday piece although the shells can dig into my wrist.


This last one  is my favorite! I haven’t worn it yet because I haven’t been asked on a date it’s a bit dressy. I may start wearing it anyway just to add a little flair to my everyday life.


Have you been loving charm bracelets lately?


Cardigan Love

In my head, I dress like a rockstar/skater because I’m not yet 30 and I think I’m cool. In real life, I LOVE cardigans! Yep, I really really do. My new fav comes courtesy of H&M (they were having a pretty good sale a few weeks ago).


This color is extremely bright and I fell in love at first sight. I used to never wear bright colors. It was actually hard to get me out of anything that wasn’t black or brown. Somehow that changed and this bright coral cardi is my new love.

What makes it even cooler is this tag:


Yes, it looks like an ordinary tag but it has a neat little secret….


The extra button is sewn securely into place right there on the inside of the tag! Aack! I love it! If i lose a button, I will know exactly where the replacement is. No more digging through the pile of extras that I keep in the top on my jewelry box. There is also no little plastic baggy contributing to the decay of out lovely planet. The way I see it, I’m helping to save the world by purchasing cute cardigans! Helps me feel better about my incessant need to purchase cardigans.


Lipgloss…A girl can never have too much

I was at the mall yesterday and had to stop myself from going into Bath & Body Works to buy lip gloss. It was hard but I walked away. Why would I force myself to walk away from the greatness that is B&BW lip gloss with its menthol healing properties and high shine?  Because I am utterly obsessed with lip gloss. At any given time there are at least 6 in my bag.

Going to the drug store pretty much guarantees that I will be buying more. I don’t spend much on gloss. A $30 tube of gloss is not something you will find in my bag. I like them cheap, easy to locate and non-sticky.

Here is what’s in my bag right now:


  • EOS (evolution of smooth) Strawberry Sorbet. They are right when they say smooth! This cute balm is tasty and makes my lips super soft. It smells delightful and it’s organic!
  • Liquid Lipsmackers Watermelon. This is little tube last a pretty long time. It has a great smell and high shine. I really love that it is non-sticky.
  • E.L.F Super Glossy Lip Shine. The name says it all. It’s got great shine, non-sticky and a little bit of color.
  • Liplicious Signature Vanillas Berry. I actually don’t love this particular B&BW gloss. It’s a tad sticky and very thick. I use it once in a while but only if I can’t find something else after digging through my bag for a minute or so.
  • Green Apple Lip balm Walgreens brand. I love this one because not only is it a triple threat (shine, smell and no-nsticky) it was $0.99 and a little goes a long way! I’ve had this since Christmas, use it more than anything else and still have a little over half left.
  • Lipsmackers Lip Sparkler Vanilla Frosting. This is an old favorite that I always keep on hand. It doesn’t do much for moisture but it last a long time and is easy to slip in my pocket or clutch. This is my favorite to carry with me when I’m going out. I’m not big on color but I love shine and shimmer so this works. And since it’s fairly cheap, I don’t mind reapplying it a lot. Which I do to attract attention to my lips…don’t judge me.
  • The Disco Ball. I have not idea the name of this one. It was also a $0.99 Walgreens find. I was surprised at how great this one is. First of all, it’s glitter which makes it a good going out gloss. Second, it’s actually very moisturizing. I really like it. If it weren’t full of glitter, I would use it daily.

And just to be honest, I probably will be buying that B&BW gloss very soon.


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Beauty: Protective Styles

Knowing that for about 4-6 weeks post-op I won’t be able to do my hair, I started searching for protective styles. Unfortunately, I was having a hard time because I needed a braided style that was unique and not something every other woman I know is wearing right now. That eliminated my favorite Senegalese twist, kinky twist and box braids.

Twisted styles

pictures from and

I asked a few gurus on twitter for some advice on other protective styles. I got some suggestions for the styles above as well as twisting my own hair. I won’t twist mine without extensions because my hair is too thin. Way too much scalp showing. Then I got a suggestion from @afroniquely to try Havana Twist. I fell in LOVE.

havana twist

Happily Ever Natural did these herself and they are gorgeous! She has a YouTube tutorial showing the process. I won’t be doing these myself because it would be my first time and they have to last at least a month and a half. But later on, I will give it a shot.