Create: Birthday Party Invitations


Being a mom is hard. Being a single mom brings on an entirely new set of problems. Take for instance my close friend M. She was dealing with the task earlier this year of throwing her gorgeous son’s first birthday party. We all know the first birthday is more for the mom than the baby but she was stressed on how to make this big with a small budget.

M chose a classic theme: Mickey Mouse. This allowed for her to be able to find most items at a cheaper price: cups, napkins, party hats, plates, etc.

It also allowed her to be really creative. M asked me to help with invitation and I was thrilled when she explained her idea to me. We would be making the signature Mickey Mouse ears and trousers with a little twist.

Items you will need:
Glue (crazy glue and stick glue)
White buttons
Red, black and yellow construction paper (thicker construction paper is best for this project)
Computer and printer
Mickey Mouse head template (download here)

Here’s how you do it:

Step one: Party Details
Create a Word document with the party details. Choose a cute font. Copy and paste the details 3-4 times on the page to save paper. Print as many as you need and cut the sections apart.

Step Two: Measure Yellow construction paper
Place the cut up party detail at the top of the yellow paper. Cut out a shape around the detail leaving 3/4 inch of yellow border. Glue the details to the yellow paper.

Step Three: Mickey Mouse Head
Use the template to cut out Mickey Mouse heads

Step Four: Trousers
Cut the red construction paper into half circles. It should be a little over 1/2 the round part of Mickey Mouse’s head.

Step Five: Final Glue
Glue the rounded part of the red half circle to the bottom of the Mickey Mouse head. Be sure not to glue the entire half circle, there needs to be an opening at the top. Glue 2 white buttons onto the trousers.

Step Six: Putting it all together

Allow party details and Mickey Mouse to dry. Insert party details into opening.




Create: Bringing the Pet Rock Back


Only not really because my rock when painted looked like…well, a rock.


I found this rock in my backyard and I loved the shape of it. I immediately thought that this would be a great little accent piece for my bookshelf. So I checked it thoroughly for bugs because I hate little critters and didn’t want to bring anything indoors.

I chose to paint it gold because I really wanted to add some glamour to my living room (or wherever the rock ended up), but the gold I picked fell kind of flat. It wasn’t that high sheen, glitzy gold I’d imagined. Instead it was a slightly shinier brown. Blah.

So in an desperate attempt to save my rock, I decided I had nothing to lose and pulled out that trusty turquoise. And lo and behold:

We have an aquarium rock. But honestly…I kind of love it.


So it didn’t turn out the way I saw it in my head but I’m pleasantly surprised that this backyard rock adds a small pop of color and interest atop a pile of black books.


Decorating a Rental: One Room at a Time


Decorating a rental is hard. Let’s be real. Most places don’t allow you to paint walls and reno is definitely out. So if you don’t like that random wall that closes off the kitchen from the living room, you’re out of luck.

I’ve lived in rentals for the last 8 or so years and the first couple of rentals I did zero decorating. They were transitional places and I didn’t want to commit to anything.

Fast forward to our current rental and my thoughts have totally changed. I want to feel at home. I want to see pretty things when I walk in the door.


The way I went about decorating was simple. Pops of color are my best friend. I’ve discovered that textiles and accessories really finish a room. Just like getting dressed. Nothing finishes off an outfit like a scarf and a bracelet.


When we got married a hundred years ago, I loved these purple chairs. We found them at a department store that was going out of business. I still love them but they’re huge. Back when we first got married my husband and I could both fit it one…AT THE SAME TIME. Now not so much.

They have been a challenge because they are eggplant (read: purple), any color I choose has to work with them.


For awhile now, peacocks have been stuck in my head and the colors I chose for the living room are based on the beautiful bird.

My palette is literally this feather:

I’m working the chartreuse, turquoise and gold into the room in small doses.


The room is small so every piece that I choose has to be functional. I’m happy with the way the room is coming along but I have so many more plans for the space.


What tips do you have for decorating a rental?

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