Loving Lately: Charm Bracelets

Loving: charm bracelets

These are oldie but goodie items. They never really go out of style but have random bursts of huge popularity. I never owned one until I came across this one while Christmas shopping for my sisters.


It’s a leather wrap with charms braided into it. I wish it would wrap more than 3 times around my wrist so it could be a bit more snug but I like it.

My mom recently went on a cruise and came back with a few bracelets as gifts. I really like this one she gave me made of silver jewels and turquoise blue seashells. It’s a great everyday piece although the shells can dig into my wrist.


This last one  is my favorite! I haven’t worn it yet because I haven’t been asked on a date it’s a bit dressy. I may start wearing it anyway just to add a little flair to my everyday life.


Have you been loving charm bracelets lately?