Reduction Chronicles: Surgery Day

The past couple of weeks has flown by and my life has really changed. My surgery date was May 10th but the changes started a couple of days prior. My anxiety level was through the roof! I needed to stay busy to keep myself calm but the people in my life seemed to have other plans. Not to mention, some of them wanted me to counsel them on personal issues even when I told them I just didn’t have it in me to listen or solve their problems (more of life-sucking friends later). I ended up extremely irritable and frustrated right before surgery.

Despite that, I was surprisingly calm and excited the day of surgery.


I was a little nervous by my wonderful parents were with me and helped to keep me level. The nurses were amazing even though they made me take down the bun I had worked so hard to get to the top of my head. Apparently no rubber is allowed in the operating room. *shrug*


There was one complication during surgery. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to something in anesthesia. I was almost completely under when I suddenly woke back up, burning and itching from head to toe! The operating room went into a slight uproar as they attempted to calm me down while getting something to put into my IV to stop the reaction. They did and put me back under. Next thing I know, I was waking up, in excruciating pain and asking for my dad.


To be totally honest, the pain I felt when I woke up brought tears to my eyes. It was really bad. It mainly burned and felt like my chest was on fire. A few hours later, I was sent home and my dad helped get me into bed.


I don’t want this to be too long so there will be another post where I discuss my reactions and things I’ve been doing to help with recovery.



Beauty: Protective Styles

Knowing that for about 4-6 weeks post-op I won’t be able to do my hair, I started searching for protective styles. Unfortunately, I was having a hard time because I needed a braided style that was unique and not something every other woman I know is wearing right now. That eliminated my favorite Senegalese twist, kinky twist and box braids.

Twisted styles

pictures from and

I asked a few gurus on twitter for some advice on other protective styles. I got some suggestions for the styles above as well as twisting my own hair. I won’t twist mine without extensions because my hair is too thin. Way too much scalp showing. Then I got a suggestion from @afroniquely to try Havana Twist. I fell in LOVE.

havana twist

Happily Ever Natural did these herself and they are gorgeous! She has a YouTube tutorial showing the process. I won’t be doing these myself because it would be my first time and they have to last at least a month and a half. But later on, I will give it a shot.


Health: Looking in the Mirror Sucks

Body image has got to be an issue that everyone in the world deals with. My issue: these huge boobs strapped to the front of my body. Like many women, I began developing early and I was embarrassed! During middle school, I wore a huge red jacket all the time in an effort to hide my shape. To make matters worse, I am the youngest of 3 girls. My chest was larger than both of my sisters…and my mother’s! And again, I was in middle school.

Enter high school; I’m 5’1 and wearing a freaking DD cup. But I was pretty sure my boobs would stop growing. I mean, why wouldn’t they? I was 120 lbs and there was no way they could keep growing since the rest of me had stopped.  This is the point where genetics straight up laughed in my face. These damned things just kept growing.

I will honestly say that I am about 85 lbs heavier than I was as a high school freshman about 15 years ago. My boobs however seemed to have more than doubled in size. Right now, I’m lugging around an H cup. Just so you can really get an idea of how horrible that is, it’s essentially this: DDDDD. Yep, that’s 5 D’s. 5. I don’t even like taking pictures because my boobs make the rest of my body look so disproportionate. You know how when someone loses too much weight too quick and they have the lollipop head thing going on? Well I have that in the opposite direction. My boobs make my head look super small. Like the shrunken head thing. Even with my big curly hair, my head looks tiny.


So now, at the tender, fresh faced age of almost 30, I am going under the knife. Well, I hope so anyway. I have an appointment for a consultation with a plastic surgeon.  I have no idea what to expect so I’m excited and nervous. I do know that my surgeon is supposed to be amazing and she’s being doing breast augmentation for almost 15 years.

Hopefully, I will get good news during the consultation. Is there any part of your body that you don’t like enough to have surgery?