Decorating a Rental: One Room at a Time


Decorating a rental is hard. Let’s be real. Most places don’t allow you to paint walls and reno is definitely out. So if you don’t like that random wall that closes off the kitchen from the living room, you’re out of luck.

I’ve lived in rentals for the last 8 or so years and the first couple of rentals I did zero decorating. They were transitional places and I didn’t want to commit to anything.

Fast forward to our current rental and my thoughts have totally changed. I want to feel at home. I want to see pretty things when I walk in the door.


The way I went about decorating was simple. Pops of color are my best friend. I’ve discovered that textiles and accessories really finish a room. Just like getting dressed. Nothing finishes off an outfit like a scarf and a bracelet.


When we got married a hundred years ago, I loved these purple chairs. We found them at a department store that was going out of business. I still love them but they’re huge. Back when we first got married my husband and I could both fit it one…AT THE SAME TIME. Now not so much.

They have been a challenge because they are eggplant (read: purple), any color I choose has to work with them.


For awhile now, peacocks have been stuck in my head and the colors I chose for the living room are based on the beautiful bird.

My palette is literally this feather:

I’m working the chartreuse, turquoise and gold into the room in small doses.


The room is small so every piece that I choose has to be functional. I’m happy with the way the room is coming along but I have so many more plans for the space.


What tips do you have for decorating a rental?

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